Pura Vida Spa
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Clarifying and Balancing Facial for combination/oil skin -Refresh Facial $85

This is gentle but effective treatment targets blemishes, balances oil and helps maintain a healthier, clearer condition but first exfoliating the skin with a verbena coconut scrub. Let your facial muscles relax with a tangerine frosting rich moisturizing cleanser and night cream massage.

Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Facial-Renew Me Facial $95

Turn back the clock with this treatment by first exfoliating your skin with sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. Then an oat, mint and lime peel is applied. Finally let your skin muscles relax with a rejuvenating facial massage of an almond/honey rich moisturizing massage.

Soothing Facial for Normal, Dry and Sensitive Skin-Divinely Relaxing Facial $85

Target irritated, sensitive and reactive skin with a soothing, cooling,hydrating fig exfoliating scrub. then enjoy a grapefruit and juniper deep cleansing mask.

We also offer Facial for discoloration, redness,hydration, skin tightening and pore minimizing.